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  • Photomotion┬« (All) – 11.1

    October 14, 2021


    • Multilingual Support

      Added support for other language versions of After Effects.

    • Restore "Clean" Versions

      You can now start fresh at any point by going into (Footage) folder and restoring the original (clean) .aep file

    • Separated versions for each projection

      We've united all versions to bring them up to 11.1. This will allow us to switch to separate release calendar, so we can release updates of individual projections faster.

    • Improved Folder Structure

      Simplified into 3 categories, making it easier to navigate between app, tutorials and other assets.

    • Added Version Number to .aep

      So that you can always cross reference docs, video tutorials and other things with your currently opened version.

    • More exciting updates coming soon!

  • New Changelog + Fixes

    September 29, 2021


    • New Changelog

      The changelog you are looking at now has been redesigned to make it more transparent what we're currently working on, what's coming and what we made so far.


    • We're changing numbering of all following Photomotion versions. Starting from version 11.1, each Photomotion projection will have its own version, independent from each other. This will allow for faster release cycle for all upcoming updates.


    • Fixed issue on the website when URL with filtering parameters wouldn't load the actual content on page reload

  • Photomotion┬« Portrait – 11.1

    September 24, 2021


    • Camera Motion Blur

      Motion blur can be turned ON/OFF on each render resolution

    • Safe Zones

      Added overflows to photo and background composition - this will allow you to move camera more, without the need for tiling option, which in return speeds up the preview and render times.

    • New Labels

      Dynamic label on top showing the final resolution in pixels. Works with our new drop-downs for aspect ratios and final resolution. Added label reminding you all the buttons and labels will be automatically turned off for your final renders (we've got quite a few questions about this, but don't worry, your final renders won't include any buttons, labels or Photomotion branding). 4K label on each render comp that will produce UltraHD 4K final results

    • Sharpen Final Render

      Image sharpening slider in the final render comps. Dynamic image sharpening incorporated to render comps where the final comp needs to be scaled up (e.g. Vertical 4K) - this is tested to be 1:1 with the native resolution (to the human eye)

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