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August 22, 2021

  • Other

    • Infrastructure Upgrade Finished


      We've finished moving our servers to a better infrastructure needed for our upcoming products. In case you experience any issues, please let us know

June 15, 2021

  • Photomotion - 2nd gen

    • Facebook 3D


      We're super excited to bring you official support for Facebook 3D Photos directly to Photomotion! You can now create your animations in Photomotion, upload them directly to Facebook and display your interactive 3D photo directly on your feed. We've developed a new algorithm for creating specific depth maps that are optimised for Facebook 3D Photo all done automatically for you while you work on your animation. Also, there is no need to render out your animation - we've prepared a custom preset for you that takes care of this and it only takes a second or two to give you all the necessary files for you to upload on Facebook. We can't wait to see how you guys can use this new feature!

    • 4K Resolution Export


      4x larger and sharper than original FullHD, 4K allows you to export ANY aspect ratio up to 3840x2160px. What's even better, it doesn't slow down Photomotion a single bit thanks to our new Speed Workflow system (read below)

    • Speed Workflow


      Speed is everything so we're doubling it. Speed Workflow (enabled by default) is our new computing engine that can dynamically change compositions, expressions and other hardware intensive tasks so you can work on your animation up to 4x faster than with other tools that do not have dynamic computation engine like this.

    • Brand new depth maps


      We've completely re-rendered all depth maps in Photomotion Portrait to highlight certain facial features. This will give your animations even greater photorealistic feel as now we have twice as much data to propely calculate animation areas around nose, chin, eyes and eyebrows.

    • New Xray (face setup system)


      Let's be honest here, when we first introduced Xray to Photomotion Portrait the idea was to select eyes and nose to calculate size and rotation of your facial mesh. It works, until it doesn't... we kept hearing that chin position also needs a separate contorller, and ears too. So we decided to come up with something better, more intuitive. And we did - new Xray is so intuitive we don't even need any controllers, you just drag the main window wherever you need, resize it, rotate it, change the position of ears and shoulders and you're done. You don't even need to use Tweak anymore (you can though, it's still there at the bottom of your screen)! That's how you do it the Photomotion way

    • New Autoloop feature


      We've done some magic (potions) and created automatic loops of your animation without interrupting your workflow. What this allows you to do is put your animation keyframes in and then decide how long your animation should be. Let's say your initial movement is 2 seconds long, now you can render version that is 4 seconds, 6 seconds, 8 seconds etc. and we do the hard work, making sure your animations are perfectly looped. And yes, this works flawlessly on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms that support looped videos.

    • Better animations out of the box


      We've analyzed how you guys usually animate your portrait pictures and based on that we adjusted a bunch of expressions and settings to give you better results without too much fiddling with sliders etc.

    • Distortion Autofix


      The more you move your animation controller the more we try to fix the distortions around critical areas of your face. A real time-saver as it works out-of-the-box and you don't need to do anything else.

    • Separated custom background and masking


      It is now easier to mask your image and add a custom background as we've separated these two compositions and added a new button to your main dashboard.

    • Faster render dashboards

      All Projections

      It is now faster to get to your render composition as the export button is smart enough to open the render composition based on your preview settings Letterboxed versions are now accessible directly from render comps

    Bug Fixes

    • All Projections[Closed Activate Photomotion comps] This was previously a bit confusing as we were keeping these activation compositions opened even after users activated their licenses on our website

    • Horizon[Semi-transparent bug] Fixed semi transparent bug that occured when using layers (especially layers with shadows etc)

    • Horizon[Particles distant layer on/off switch]

    • Horizon[Layer 1 Puppet bug] Fixed puppet tool animation on Layer 1 not working when using non-English version of AE.

November 23, 2019

  • Photomotion

    • New Video: Which projection to use?

      All Projections

      Being the largest photo animation toolkit for After Effects comes with a certain degree of responsibility. One of that is explaining (properly) which projection from Photomotion should be used when dealing with variety of pictures. We've recorded a tutorial just for this where Tom will give you more in-depth look at deciding which projection works the best

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