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Photomotion X is the biggest update we ever created. In this video, we'll have a look at showcasing some of our most popular features and projections and then Tom will outline some of the features we've added in this new update.

Photomotion X

In this series of tutorials, we'll have a look at Photomotion X - our biggest update in history with 100+ new features

In this video, we will cover how to activate your license, how to contact us and where to find all ...

Photomotion X – Portrait


Animating face in Photomotion just got a whole lot easier with Photomotion X. In this full-length tutorial we will explore ...

Photomotion X – Mirage


In this tutorial, we will have a closer look at animating organic movements by using Photomotion Mirage. We will also ...

Photomotion X – Parallax


In this tutorial, we will have a closer look at animating photos by using Photomotion Parallax. We will also explore ...

Photomotion X – Glacier


Create beautiful cinemagraphs directly inside of After Effects with a little bit of help from Photomotion X. In this tutorial ...

Older Versions

⚠️These tutorials are for Photomotion 2.0, our previous version, not for newly released Photomotion X ⚠️

Rendering / Exporting your video (Pro)


Final step of your animation is exporting your video out of After Effects to any type of video format you ...

Once you have your animation completed, you can either choose to render our the final video, or, as Tom will ...

Additional animations – Displacement Map (Pro)


Second additional animation relies on using displacement maps. Although they are simple to create, they offer a tremendous boost to ...

Additional animations – Puppet Tool (Pro)


Additional animations give your masked elements some additional movement, so not just the camera itself is moving, but also your ...

Adding 3D text to your scene (Pro)


From time to time, you might want to add a text to your animations. Photo Motion supports two ways of ...

Animating Camera (Pro)


After you have your cage and masked elements ready, it’s time to get creative and start animating your 3D ...

What if you want to place multiple masked elements into the same 3D scene? What if you have multiple people ...

Creating Clean Plates (Pro)


While using masked elements is a great and time-saving feature, it creates a need for something called a clean plate. ...

Adding Masked Element (Pro)


A lot of the pictures you will try to animate might have an obstructing object in front of your 3D ...

Working with 3D Cage (Pro)


One of the most powerful features of Photo Motion is its ability to give your pictures depth. To do that, ...

One of the very first steps, after deciding which projection method to use, is adding your static image into Photo ...

Photo Motion Pro offers two photorealistic projection methods based on full 3D scene integration. Both offer professional results with precise ...

Rendering / Exporting your video (Speed)


Final step of your animation is exporting your video out of After Effects to any type of video format you ...

Once you have your animation completed, you can either choose to render our the final video, or, as Tom will ...

The other projection in Photo Motion Speed is Displacement projection. This is the middle-ground between ease of use and professional ...

Layer Projection in Photo Motion Speed is a great way to add a simple movement to your pictures. It doesn’...

Photo Motion Speed offers you two types of projections – Layer and Displacement. Both of them are used for different purposes, ...

Photo Motion comes packed with multiple projection methods to cover most photo animation needs. Two major divisions of Photo Motion ...

What is Photo Motion and how does it work? In this video, Tom will explain the basics of photo animation ...

Welcome to the introduction to Photo Motion for After Effects. In this very first video, Tom is going to lead ...


A written documentation is a useful source of information, especially when you don't want to or don't have time to watch our video courses. Docs are here to help you find whatever you are looking for and get you going asap.

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We are commited to creating the best products for creative people and let's face it - our products and tools are only as good as your feedback. So let us know what you would like to see us make next, what to improve and what you think would be helpful in your workflow.

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  • 3. New Horizon Projection
    Horizon4+ weeks

    We are working on overall improvements to Horizon projection that will speed up the process and bring it up to par with other projections. Video tutorials will follow shortly after.

  • 4. New Video Tutorials
    All Projections4+ weeks

    New Photomotion update brought some cool new features into our animation engine - we are working hard on creating short video tutorials for each of them. More in-depth tutorials will follow shortly after.

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