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AI-Generated Neural Depth maps using Photoshop

Photomotion comes with action pack to help you generate depth maps faster by using Neural Filters in Adobe Photoshop. This is especially useful in projections such as Depth to allow you to quickly generate depth maps and use them as starting point for your animations in Photomotion. Before you begin, ...

2 min read

Welcome to Photomotion® (First Steps)

Your photo animation journey is about to take a whole new turn with Photomotion®. In this article, we’ll have a look at your first steps, how to get access to tutorials, how to get updates and how to stay in the loop with us, if you need some help. ...

6 min read

⚡️ Ultimate Guide for Horizon Projection

Photomotion Horizon is a professional 3D projection without the need to learn or use any 3D software. This is the most feature rich projection in Photomotion X.

50 min read

⚡️ Ultimate Guide for Portrait Projection

Photomotion Portrait is the most advanced and feature rich projection for animating portrait photos. Portrait projection in Photomotion was specifically designed for animating faces so it works the best with portrait pictures and especially with pictures where people stand close to the camera lens.

59 min read

⚡️ Ultimate Guide for Depth Projection

Depth projection in Photomotion is the most versatile tool for animating pictures. You can animate really any photo you have in your library.

55 min read

⚡️ Ultimate Guide for Parallax Projection

Photomotion Parallax combines the power of Photomotion engine with the simplicity of parallax effect to create beautiful animations in no time. Parallax is one of our simplest projections. You will just need a background and one layer to be able to start animating your image.

49 min read

⚡️ Ultimate Guide for Mirage Projection

In this Ultimate Guide we will have a closer look at Photomotion X – Mirage projection, creating beautiful organic animations from elements such as water, smoke, sky etc. We will also explore ways to add seamless loops into your final animation to create videos that can be infinitely long. Let’s ...

43 min read

⚡️ Ultimate Guide for Glacier Projection

In this Ultimate Guide we will have a closer look at Photomotion X – Glacier projection, only projection made for creating eye catching animations from videos. Photomotion X – Glacier is our only projection that is meant to be used for video files.

27 min read

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